New Build

A new building is being built in the grounds of Greenhead College (GC). The building is being funded by the DFE who have approved time scales, budget, and design. The design is eco-friendly and will replace the Lainsgpan building that has been deemed an out-of-date provision. Biology, Chemistry, Psychology and Government & Politics will be transferred into a state-of-the-art facility with labs, more social space, and large study areas.  

 The new build is an ambitious and much needed project which will open in part in 2023 to our A1 and A2 students from the class of 2022 onwards. Strategic plans have been developed by MACE, a multi-disciplinary construction consultant, to this will cause the least amount of disruption possible to residents and existing students. Galliford Try who work alongside MACE are also offering students work placements and projects to get involved with, giving them real life experience opportunities. All students will continue to receive the prominent level of Ofsted outstanding teaching, synonymous with GC until the eco-friendly build is complete. This will take place in the same environment which has produced outstanding results for many years for GC students. 

The highest level of quality teaching will continue in the new eco-friendly building with updated state-of-the-art facilities to match. One of the most impressive features of the building is its environment. The increased social space and designated study areas that the new build will provide will raise aspirations even higher. It not only caters for our students and staffs’ needs but supports their mental health, which GC are passionate about. Studies have shown, by opening the space and allowing dedicated areas for students to study allows them to progress significantly and reduces stress and anxiety. 

In addition, the 240 retractable seating area in the main hall will allow drama productions, musical theatre, concerts, and award ceremonies to be conducted in a curated space specifically designed to showcase the best of GC. 

Eco-friendly buildings are the future. The new build will be Carbon-neutral and have a bio roof and solar panels. Stamping GC green footprint and supporting climate change is a crucial factor in how the building was designed. 

The new building will officially be completed by Feb 2025 and will be home to 2750 students. 2023 should see the start of students and staff benefiting from this forward-thinking venture. 

Frequently asked questions

How will the development work affect the surrounding trees?

Galliford Try, the building contractor, worked with the Local Planning Authority and the Council’s Tree and Forestry Officers during the planning application process to balance all considerations related to the application, including the regrettable loss of a number of trees.  

Two of the 17 trees to be lost are already identified as requiring removal due to their condition.  The project team also worked hard to ensure that as many boundary trees as possible are retained and that any losses, where necessary, are focused within the site boundary.  

The Planning Committee has approved the plans as they currently stand and the project will plant 14 replacement trees on site and a large number of woodland whips, delivering a biodiversity net gain of 15% on site.  

Due to the loss of some trees, Galliford Try will also contribute £20k towards tree replanting in the area.

These issues are set out in full in the Planning Officer’s Committee Report.  Should you have any further queries, please direct them to the Local Planning Authority.