Benji set to represent the UK in International Chemistry Olympiad

Greenhead College student Benji Rowlands is set to represent the UK at the International Finals of the Chemistry Olympiad following his success in the national finals.

Benji, along with 10 other Greenhead College students, participated in round 1 of the Olympiad back in January 2019 and was placed within the top 28 of all students nationally qualifying him to round 2 of the competition held in Cambridge at the end of March.

Round 2 consisted of a residential weekend at Cambridge University, where the competitors had to undertake a 4 hour practical exam and a 4 hour theoretical exam demonstrating their knowledge of highly advanced chemistry topics.

The students had the opportunity to socialise with the academics who make up the UK Olympiad committee which included dinners at St Catherine’s College, Cambridge and a trip to Pizza Express.

Once the marks were in it was announced that out of the 28 students who sat the exams, Benji had qualified to represent the UK at the 2019 Chemistry Olympiad International Finals, alongside 3 other students.

Max Hume, chemistry teacher at Greenhead College, commented on Benji’s success:

“We are immensely proud of Benji for making it to the International Finals of the Chemistry Olympiad. This places Benji in the top 4 chemistry students of his age group in the whole of the UK! He is the most able student I have taught in my 25 years of teaching and I wish him every success in the finals.”  

The finals will take place in Paris this July 2019. Good luck Benji!