Parents and Carers

We develop positive relationships with parents and carers to provide a personalised approach.

Mental Health Awareness Parent/Carer Sessions

The College collaborates with external organisations to offer occasional workshops for carers/parents, aiming to explore the factors affecting young person’s mental health and how carers/parents can support. We also promote and signpost to relevant events being run by other organisations.

Parental Voice Survey

A parental voice survey is sent out yearly in the summer term. This seeks to gain information fromboth a pastoral and teaching and learning perspective, and it allows us to understand what has gone well, what needs introducing and what needs changing.

Named Point of Contact

Tutors are the main point of contact for parents to discussion any concerns or feedback. Parents can ring or email to arrange a call back if they feel there are any positive or negative points to discuss.

Weekly Communications

Each week an email update is sent from the Principal to all parents. There is often a well-being element to this communication where Simon will share details of resources available, events in College and M+P Week information.

Parent Information

There is a wealth of information on the College website, under Parents information. This includes a section on safeguarding. In addition, a new area will shortly be launched to include information and resources to help support mental health and well-being.