Absence Reporting


Absence due to illness or other valid reason should be reported by a parent/carer by e-mailing absences@greenhead.ac.uk before 11am.

Absences should be reported each day, please state the student name, student number, reason for absence and expected return date. Absences reported retrospectively will not be authorised.

If a parent/carer is unable to e-mail before 11am, then the student may report the absence, but this must be followed up with parental confirmation e-mail the same day for the absence to be marked as authorised.

Leaving College Early

If leaving early due to illness or other valid reason, it is the student’s responsibility to notify their tutor and teachers of the lessons they will be missing. Students’ must “sign out” with the Student Services – Attendance Office, before leaving College.  The absence should be confirmed by a parental e-mail the SAME DAY in order for the absence to be marked as authorised.

Absence from College in Advance – Appointments Only (not illness)

It is the Student’s responsibility to notify Student Services – Attendance Office, and their teachers. Students can do this through CEDAR.  The absence request must be completed prior to the absence date. Supporting evidence must also be shown, such as appointment card/letter/text/email. Please see Moodle for full instructions.

Authorised and Unauthorised Absences

Absences that are acceptable:

  • Illness or accident (must give full reason).
  • Hospital and orthodontist appointments that cannot be arranged outside College hours (GP and dental appointments should be made in study periods or out of College time, where possible).
  • Religious Observance (we permit 3 days over the academic year with a maximum of 2 days in any one occasion).
  • University visit for an open day, interview or learning scheme.
  • Careers and apprenticeship interviews.
  • Work experience placement that is linked to study programme.
  • Funeral of a family member or close friend.
  • A driving theory or practical test (not lessons).
  • Authorised study leave prior to examinations.

All other absences will be recorded as unauthorised, for example:

  • Holidays/pilgrimage during term time.
  • Optician appointment.
  • Part/full-time work which is not part of the study programme.
  • Leisure activities.
  • Weddings (unless parent or sibling) and birthdays or similar family celebrations.
  • Babysitting younger siblings/taking to school.
  • Shopping/collecting prescriptions.
  • Driving lessons.
  • Failure to comply with any of the above may result in a meeting with your Tutor and/or a reduction in payment of the Student Bursary.