SEND and Mental Health

Additional Learning Support Team – Mental Health First Aiders

The ALS Team have been trained by Mental Health England, they have an in-depth understanding of mental health and the factors that can affect wellbeing along with practical skills to spot the triggers and signs of mental health issues.

Mental Health Awareness Parent/Carer Sessions

The College collaborates with Northorpe Hall to offer a programme of workshops for carers/parents, aiming to explore the factors affecting young person’s mental health and how carers/parents can support.

Student Mental Health Working Party

The aim of this student led group is to move the college towards a ‘whole college approach’ to emotional wellbeing, whereby all parts of the college and its community are encouraged to work together in their commitment to wellbeing. The group feedback to the College MH Lead.


The College employs a team of skilled professionals who can help when support is needed to deal with difficult times in life. Counselling aims to help deal with difficulties more effectively, to explore what is going on and how to make changes or develop useful strategies.

Mental Health Lead

Our Mental Health Lead works closely with external services, the Senior Leadership Team and staff across College to ensure we have a whole college approach to mental health.


The MoodMaster Programme is an upbeat approach to working on your emotional wellbeing. It is for ANYONE who might be struggling with low wellbeing. The programme can help you learn more about yourself and will teach you a number of simple techniques that can help you manage your wellbeing.