Support at Greenhead

We understand and recognise the needs of students with autism. We work closely with learners and their families, personalising programmes of study and supporting them to their post 18 destination. We ensure that:

  • We effectively support transition for all learners, both from school to college and from college into higher education
  • We offer a transition morning and individual visits to the college to familiarise with the college environment and discuss support needs
  • We offer timetabled mentoring sessions to support organisation and study skills along with providing wellbeing support
  • That all college staff have an understanding of autism and that curriculum staff draw on our specialist expertise to differentiate and develop inclusive teaching methods
  • We recognise the impact the physical environment can have on wellbeing and learning and make personalised adjustments aimed at reducing the sensory impact of college life
  • We provide a ‘safe space’ for learners to go when anxiety levels get too high
  • We offer a weekly nurture group
  • We support learners in accessing opportunities across college such as trips, enrichment activities and participation in PAWS week.
  • We provide preparation for adulthood sessions which focus on next steps, making choices, careers advice, supported university visits and transition
  • We provide ‘let’s talk life’ sessions, exploring how to deal with a variety of social scenarios
  • We support students planning to progress to university with their Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) applications.

The demand for Neurodevelopmental assessments for Autism and ADHD/ADD in both child and adult services is very high and waiting lists can be long, in many cases between 12 and 24 months. Waiting times can be shorter where you exercise your right to choose but recently even these waiting times have been increasing. Below are some links for exploring referrals in the different Local Authority areas.  

It is important to remember that as a college we do not require a professional diagnosis to support our students. If a student is experiencing difficulties, then they can work with the ALS team to identify needs and look at how they can be supported in college. ALS can also help prepare for conversations with GPs. 

College can only make a referral for assessment where they know the student very well and ALS have worked with them for some time. 

Below are some links for both Adult and Childrens’ services. Child referrals are up to a student’s 18th birthday. After that an adult referral will need to be made. Some services will transfer a child referral to adult referrals automatically if they have not already been seen but you will need to discuss this with the individual provider.  

Autism Spectrum Conditions – Thriving Kirklees - Kirklees Child Referrals up to age 18 

Adult Autism & ADHD assessments | Specialist Autism, ADHD & LD services | Kirklees SEND Local Offer (  – Kirklees Adult Referrals from age 18 

How to refer | Open Minds (CAMHS) (   – Calderdale Child Referrals up to age 18 

Adult autism service – South West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust  - Adult Assessments General including Calderdale from age 18 

Autism Pathway (BANDS) – BDCT    - Bradford Adult Referrals from age 18 

CAMHS Neurodevelopmental team – What happens next – BDCT  – Bradford Child Referrals up to 18 

Neurodevelopmental Family Navigator Service Pilot, Barnardo’s, Kirklees | Neuro Navigator Service | Kirklees SEND Local Offer ( Family Navigator Service Pilot, Barnardo’s, Kirklees
For parents and carers of children, young people and young adults aged up to 18 who are waiting for a neurodevelopmental assessment in Kirklees. This is a Barnardo’s service.

Where a waiting list is more than 18 weeks you might want to discuss with your GP your Right to Choose a different provider. There is further information on Right to Choose on these links. 

Your right to choose a clinically appropriate provider of neurodevelopmental services – NHS Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) ( - Calderdale Right to Choose Information 

Your choices in the NHS – NHS (  - Right to Choose