Finance & Wisepay

The college will not charge fees for tuition or examination entry (except for resits or where attendance is unsatisfactory or coursework uncompleted). There are no charges for course materials; although special clothing (e.g. lab coats) and stationery will have to be provided by the student and some departments sell textbooks.

A fee of £10 will be charged to all students to cover the cost of the provision of a mandatory student card used as student identification around college and a college planner.

Enrolment Subscription for all New Students

In the light of recent funding cuts, a voluntary payment of £40 is sought from new students enrolling at Greenhead College. This payment, covering both years of study, allows the College to provide free student printing, subsidised insurance for College trips, additional printed resources in the classroom, and a heavy subsidy for both the mandatory Project and Work Placement Scheme in the first year and Enrichment activities in both years.  The fee is fully refundable if a College bursary payment is subsequently awarded.

Note: for further information regarding the Greenhead College Fund and details regarding which College activities attract further payment, please refer to the College’s Fees and Charges Policy in the Policies section of this website.

Wisepay – secure online payments

Greenhead College operates Wisepay, an online payment system, which allows students and their parents/guardians to make payments to the college for organised events using debit or credit cards.

The Wisepay Account

All students have or will have an account set up within Wisepay. Your individual user name and password will be posted to you.This will enable all users to access the Wisepay portal via the link below.


What can you use WisePay for?

The Wisepay shop is open, allowing new students to pay for their mandatory student card and the enrolment subscription and for any other items as specified in the pack posted out in August.

Payments can be made for college organised trips that are relevant to students studying certain subjects. Students will be informed of trips and visits via their subject teachers; please do not pay for a trip that is not relevant to your course of study.

Access Wisepay

Click on the Wisepay logo below to access the Wispeay login page:

College Trips

In the case of field trips, a contribution from the student to cover board and lodging, but excluding tuition and travel, will be expected. Some optional activities (e.g. enrichment, theatre trips, exchange visits, etc) may have an associated cost: this will be notified in advance of the event.

Course Fees

Some applicants might not be supported by government funding for education (e.g. non-UK or EU passport holders recently arrived in the area): in these cases we do reserve the right to chargefull fees for the course.’

Travel Costs

Details of discounted travel passes are sent to students before enrolment in September.

Student Bursary Fund

If your family is on a low income or you encounter any financial difficulties in special circumstances, you may be eligible for financial assistance from the Student Bursary Fund. Please visit our Bursary page for more information.