Our Ethos


Be exceptional.


Create a safe space to grow and flourish

  • Create an inclusive, welcoming and safe space
  • A sense of community amongst both staff and students
  • Where well-being comes first (just as important as academic skills)
  • Where all staff are trusted and valued as professionals
  • Where praise, recognition and support are shown to each other.

Be the best you can be

  • Treat every member of the College as an individual
  • Clear direction and communication
  • Mutual respect between all College staff and students
  • Equality of opportunity for every student
  • Value and celebrate individuality and diversity.

Pursue excellence

  • Promote a culture of quality and success
  • Go above and beyond for our students
  • Very high quality of teaching and pastoral care
  • Be flexible and embrace the future
  • Be at the forefront of the sector in order to serve current and future generations of students and staff.

Every person matters

  • Enrich people’s talents and skills
  • Create opportunities for all abilities to achieve their full potential
  • Challenge and educate (Try things, Fail, Learn)
  • Allow students to grow in all aspects of self
  • Develop responsible, resilient, caring, young adults.