Sensory Impairments

Learners with sensory impairments are encouraged to inform us early on in the admission process so we are able to build in any support required for a smooth transition. We ensure that:

  • Independence is respected and encouraged in all aspects of college life
  • We support learners in accessing opportunities across college such as trips, enrichment activities and participation in PAWS week.
  • There is effective transition in place, both from school to college and from college into higher education/apprenticeships or employment
  • We offer a transition morning and individual visits to the college to familiarise learners with the college environment and discuss support needs
  • We Liaise and collaborate with external agencies
  • Reasonable adjustments are in place to support a learner’s individual needs
  • We work across college with personal tutors and teaching staff, to develop specific classroom strategies
  • Where necessary, Exam Access Arrangements are in place
  • Assistive technology is in place, where appropriate
  • Adapted resources are available
  • Where necessary, specialist provision support is provided.