Staff Well-being

Education Support – Employee Assistance Programme

All staff have 24 hr access to the Employee Assistance Programme so that employees can benefit from independent and impartial third-party advice, guidance and on a range of College-related and wider issues.

Staff Mental Health Working Party

The aim of this group is to move the college towards a ‘ whole college approach’ to emotional well-being, whereby all parts of the college and its community are encouraged to work together in their commitment to well-being.

External Counselling support for Safeguarding Team

The Safeguarding Team have access to an external counsellor for advice and support. This allows them to manage their own wellbeing and  fulfill their safeguarding roles effectively.

Staff Mental Health CPD

Staff INSET on student mental health has become a regular feature, with mental health professional and organisations providing tailored training on issues and themes, identified by staff and students as being of most relevance to the cohort at Greenhead College.

Occupational Health

The College may refer an employees to a private Occupational Health provider if that employee is struggling with their mental health. The assessment provides clear guidance to the College on how to manage and support employees.

MAP Week

Through the Mental and Physical (MAP) framework the College dedicates a week every term to support mental and physical wellbeing by highlighting specific wellbeing activities.

Staff Well-Being Survey

The survey acts as a key channel of communication: a barometer on the wellbeing of staff and provides opportunity for staff to reflect, voice concerns, highlight areas for development/improvement confidentially.

Performance Management

Performance Management considers two aspects, staff well-being and their personal development. The intention is to remove barriers that affect staff happiness at work and also to invest in their personal development to prepare them for future opportunities.