Staff Well-being

We look after the well-being of our staff so that they are better able to support you.

Employee Healthcare

Full access the Kirklees Employee Health Care Integrated offer, including:

– Employee self-referral for up to six sessions of counselling and/or physiotherapy. Higher level CBT and EMDR are available if there is a clinical need.

– Access to Care First Employee Assistance Programme – 24/7 365 days per year. This includes access to counsellors, debt management advice and a managers’ advice line.

– Self-referral for Occupational Therapist specialising in menopause support.

– Self-referral for prescription smoking cessation support.

– Self-referral for a mini-MOT’s (Height, weight, cholesterol, blood pressure, and urine testing).

– Advice on reasonable adjustments to support employees at work.

– Workstation assessments.

– Annual well-being events and courses.

External Counselling support for Safeguarding Team

The Safeguarding Team and College Counsellors have access to an external counsellor for advice and support. This allows them to manage their own well-being and fulfil their roles effectively.

Staff Mental Health CPD

All staff receive regular training about recognising and responding to mental health and safeguarding issues. This enables them to keep students safe and to support their own well-being. We want our staff population to feel confident and able to support the well-being of students, without it affecting their own well-being in any negative way. Staff INSET on student mental health has become a regular feature, with mental health professional and organisations providing tailored training on issues and themes.

Occupational Health

The College may refer employees to Occupational Health if that employee is struggling with their mental and/or physical health. The assessment provides clear guidance to the College on how to best manage and support employees at work.

Mental and Physical (M+P Weeks)

M+P Weeks are included in the College calendar, and these weeks include activities for staff, such as roller-skating, walks, Mini Health MOTs, mindfulness/meditation, baking and many more.

Staff Well-Being Survey

We aim to embody a culture known for listening to each other, where every individual in the College community feels their voice matters. We run an independent and anonymous staff survey, which acts as a key channel of
communication: a barometer on the well-being of staff and provides opportunity for staff to reflect, voice concerns and highlight areas for development/improvement confidentially. Feedback is analysed by the College’s Senior Leadership Team, and actions are put in place, to ensure that meaningful changes and support are implemented.

Performance Management

Performance Management considers two aspects: staff well-being and personal development. The intention is to remove barriers to improve employee happiness at work, and to invest in personal development to prepare the workforce for future opportunities.