Personal Tutors

Every student has a Personal Tutor they see regularly in tutorial sessions or for one-to-one meetings. Personal Tutors are all experienced teachers who are able to provide support and guidance throughout your time at the College and beyond.

Your Personal Tutor will play an important role in your transition from school to a college environment where you will develop greater independence and prepare for your future. Personal Tutors will help & support you towards a positive destination after Greenhead College, working closely with the Careers Department to do so. 

We have high expectations of our students and your Personal Tutor will help you to reflect on your strengths and identify areas that you need to develop further so that you can set yourself realistic targets. Your Personal Tutor will also work closely with your teachers to make sure that you are provided with appropriate support in their subject.

List of Personal Tutors

  • Kate Abel (Assistant Principal)
  • Usman Anwar (Assistant Principal)
  • Diane Beaven (Senior Tutor)
  • Matthew Burrows (Senior Tutor)
  • Anna Shaw (Senior Tutor)
  • Amy Alpine
  • Nina Birdi
  • Debbie Brennan
  • Helen Brown
  • Martin Chappell
  • John Clyde-Evans
  • Natalie Farnhill
  • Nadia Iqbal
  • Lynsey Jones
  • Kate Masterson
  • Tom Mill
  • Alison Moody
  • Melissa Parry
  • Janet Pitts
  • Joanna Prophet
  • Vicky Rhodes
  • Jane Rylah
  • Maddy Smith
  • Zoe Smith
  • Sharon Stamp
  • Dina Taylor
  • Lusia Taylor
  • Tina Watkins