Medical Needs

We understand and recognise the needs of students with a variety of medical conditions. We encourage early disclosure during the application process, so we are able to build in any support required for a smooth transition.

We ensure that:

  • We effectively support transition for all learners, both from school to college and from college into higher education
  • Where appropriate we offer a transition morning and individual visits to the college to familiarise with the college environment and discuss support needs
  • We make reasonable adjustments to support a learner’s individual needs
  • Where appropriate individual healthcare plans are developed in collaboration with the student, parents/carers, the Additional Learning Support Manager and appropriate medical professionals
  • There is liaison with personal tutors and teaching staff, to develop specific classroom strategies
  • Where appropriate, exam access arrangements are in place
  • We support students planning to progress to university with their Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) applications
  • Where required, liaison with external agencies takes place
  • Support learners in accessing opportunities across college such as trips, enrichment activities and participation in PAWS week
  • If appropriate, implement specialist provision support.