Careers Department

Provider Access Statement and Careers Programme

Greenhead College is fully committed to providing first class CEIAG as set out in the Government’s Careers Strategy (2017) and Statutory Guidance for Further Education Colleges and Sixth Form Colleges (January 2023) referred to in our CEIAG policy. We hold the National Quality Standards Award (July 2022) which was assessed against the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks.

Part of our adherence to the Provider Access component of the statutory guidance is to ensure that every student is entitled to find out about the whole range of post 18 options, including technical and apprenticeship qualifications and opportunities as well as Further and Higher Education courses. To that end we invite local and national providers to a range of events and activities as outlined in the evidence for Gatsby Benchmark 7 in the Careers Activity Summary above. There are already 1,500 employers on our work-shadowing database and several hundred more employers and training providers on the Careers Department database who give presentations, conduct mock interviews, facilitate employability skills sessions, attend careers events and help with enterprise activities. If you are an employer or training provider and would like to forge a link with the college, you can either contact, or Zoe Smith (Careers Leader) or by telephoning the college (01484 422032).

If you would like to conduct your own internet research, whether you are interested in Higher Education, Further Education, Apprenticeships, Employment and Training or taking a Gap Year, the links under the relevant titles below should assist you with this search.