Celebrating Neurodiversity Week

This week we have been celebrating Neurodiversity Week. At Greenhead College we understand and recognise the needs of our students and work closely with learners and their families, personalising programmes of study and supporting them to their post 18 destination.

Throughout the week various workshops and activities have taken place including:

  • How to apply for the Disabled Students Allowance
  • Dynamic timetabling drop-in session, looking at different ways to schedule revision
  • Neurodiversity group, open to any students who consider themselves neurodiverse
  • Finding out more about what life at university might look like. Ask a graduate Q&A session
  • How to approach a university open day
  • Consolidation and recall techniques

We are also delighted to share that Helen Mackey-Bowen, High Needs Provision Manager at Greenhead College has recently been approved as a licensed trainer for the National Autistic Society! This means that Helen is able to deliver various courses in-house to staff members, enhancing their professional development. This will involve exploring the experiences of autistic people, looking at communication differences, reviewing communication styles, challenging stereotypes and negative perceptions, sensory profiling and looking at how to individualise and shape our support for autistic people.  

Below is a photo of Helen delivering her first essential autism training to staff members on Wednesday.