A Level Art & Design

Our Art and Design A Level course offers students many opportunities to get involved in their own area of interest. Many students choose to work across a number of specialisms as they develop their ideas and creative identity. Between 50-60% of our students go on to Art and Design related courses post-18 including Foundation, as well as direct entry onto degree courses such as Fine Art, Textile Design, Fashion Design, Graphics and Advertising, Photography, 3D, Multimedia, Architecture, Product Design, and Illustration.

About the Department

In the Art department at Greenhead College we feel that our students should have ownership of their work, an opportunity to create a visual language which says something about the way they understand the world. We believe that the diversity of students we teach should be reflected in their artwork. Having completed the course our students are extremely well prepared for the next stage of their lives, with skills which are transferable to all aspects of adult life.

We are a committed and enthusiastic department which includes two full-time and one part-time practising artist-teachers as well as two specialist art technicians. All lessons take place in purpose built specialist studios and workshops. We have facilities for painting, printmaking, black and white photography, digital imaging, moving image, graphics, textiles and fashion. The studios are alive with a diversity of ideas and methods of work and many students gravitate towards the art studios in their own time to continue their work in a supportive, highly creative and happy environment.

As a department we very much want your art experience to excite and challenge you creatively as well as develop social, interpersonal and communicative skills.

Course Outline

Eduqas Art, Craft and Design

At Greenhead we offer a broad-based A Level art and design course that gives students the opportunity to experience a range of specialist areas before making informed choices about the areas in which they would like to specialise. The emphasis of the course is on developing your own ideas and creativity with constant reference to contemporary art practice and culture.

You will be given on-going and constant feedback that will allow you to refine and develop your working practices allowing you to meet your full creative potential. Through a combination of slideshows, discussions and gallery visits we will introduce you to a wide range of contextual sources both historical and contemporary allowing you to make personal and informed responses to the work of current artists, designers and craftspeople.

The first year of the course is designed to introduce you to a range of different art processes, techniques and materials as well as challenging your idea of what art is. You will be given the opportunity to experiment within a range of specialist areas such as paint, printmaking, textiles, graphics, black and white photography, moving image, digital imagery and fashion.

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Examples of student work: