A Level Biology

About the Department

We are a team of enthusiastic, dynamic, innovative and experienced staff, many of whom have experience as A Level examiners. We provide a very supportive environment to help you to reach your full potential. There are 15 specialist biology teachers, who teach more than 1000 students. The numbers studying Biology make us probably the largest A Level Biology department in the country. Our results are consistently much higher than the National averages! We offer a variety of extension and enhancement projects including Biology Olympiad, Science Teaching, First Aid and Natural History. We also organise guest speakers from universities to give presentations to our students to enhance their learning experience.

The department offers the 2 year AQA A Level course in Biology.

If you plan to follow a science or health-related degree course at university, Biology is very desirable and often obligatory. For medicine or dentistry, Biology is usually compulsory.

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