Cambridge Technical Extended Certificate in Business (Level 3)

Why study this subject

Business is one of the most interesting, relevant and varied subjects available. Newspaper and television headlines offer continual reminders of how important the business world is to us all. In recent years much attention has been directed to issues such as fair trade, business ethics, globalisation and e-commerce.

The Cambridge Technical course covers all the key areas of business – marketing, human resources, production, finance, the external environment and communication. In addition there is the opportunity to focus on specific areas of business in more depth through the optional units. The course is ideally suited to those students who would prefer to be assessed through a mixture of examination and coursework projects. Unlike the A level Business course, 50% of the assessment is through coursework, with the remaining 50% assessed through examinations. This is a more practical course than the A level and students will need to research and visit local businesses in order to complete their coursework projects.

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