Classical Civilisation

Why study this subject?

If you want to develop your skills of critical analysis and debate, whilst also looking at the fascinating worlds of Ancient Greece and Rome, then Classical Civilisation is the course for you. A multi-disciplinary subject, Classics allows for the development of a range of study skills and academic techniques. We will consider history, literature, philosophy, politics and archaeology in our investigations into the Classical World. We will be looking at written texts (in translation), material artefacts and world-famous archaeological sites, all of which will help to enhance your interest and understanding. Classicists excel in a wide range of university courses and future careers, including law, publishing, journalism, accountancy, PR, medicine, drama, the civil service, construction, archaeology and education. The reason for this is that, through studying Classics, you will develop a wide range of transferable skills. This is also why Classics complements so many other A Level courses.

In our lessons discussions of the materials we have read and evaluated will be integral. Your opinions and ideas are something that we are very interested in and we will help you to refine your ability to think critically and argue persuasively, with confidence. Our teaching of the subject will involve a good mix of group work, personal study, role plays, quizzes, timed essays, videos, source analysis, podcasts, presentations and an opportunity to attend conferences, productions and visits to significant sites.

Classics trip to Greece October 2022