A Level Economics

Why Study This Subject?

You will have heard the term “economics” but you may be unsure as to what it involves. When you follow the news you are presented with economic events every day. These include issues such as Brexit, National Health Service waiting lists, the destruction of tropical rain forests, ‘Trumponomics’ and the search for sources of energy in the future. Essentially, the basic economic problem involves how to allocate limited resources between unlimited wants for those scarce resources. If it involves money or resources and how to use them, then it is Economics!

The Russell Group of Universities considers Economics to be a useful A Level for a range of degrees including Accountancy, Finance, Business, Maths, History, Politics and of course Economics.

Economics equips you with:

  • An understanding of how the economy works, applied to moden day problems and current affairs
  • Skills to construct a logical and analytical argument
  • The ability to interpret and manipulate data. This includes reading graphs, using formulae and calculating percentages and percentage changes.

During the course, you will calculate: unemployment rates, inflation rates, income per head for a country’s population, a firm’s profit and revenue etc.
The maths involved is no harder than GCSE and we teach you everything you will need to know. 

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