A Level English Language and Literature (Combined)

Why Study This Subject?

The combined course allows you to pursue your interest in literature through exploration of prose, poetry and drama from different historical periods. You will develop your ability to closely analyse how the language of literary texts conveys precise meanings and creates stylistic effects. The combined course also gives you the opportunity to pursue an interest in creative writing, in both the first and second year of the course.

You will learn how to write in a range of non-fictional and fictional forms such as newspaper and magazine articles, radio scripts, TV scripts and short story writing. If you enjoy reading widely, discussing and analysing fiction and non-fiction, and would enjoy the challenge of writing for a range of different audiences and purposes, then this course will appeal to you. We provide a highly supportive environment to help you achieve your potential.

We are proud of the success of our students on all three of our courses, both in terms of their examination results and the personal satisfaction they derive from their studies. The A Level pass rate in English Language and Literature (Combined) has remained well above the national average, year on year. Our Language and Literature students go on to sought after places at the most competitive universities each year.

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