A Level History

Why Study This Subject?

If you are enthusiastic about studying the past, reflecting upon key historical issues and controversies, then choose History at Greenhead College. We are a vibrant department, willing to engage you in our studies of Medieval, Early Modern and Modern History. If you too are fascinated about the world around us, and wish to gain a deeper understanding of social, political and economic change across these periods, then choose this subject as one of your A Levels. History provides you with the contextual knowledge to make sense of today’s world.

History is a challenging and rigorous A Level that is respected by employers and universities alike and complements most other A Level subjects. Our students do well in the subject with many deciding to study it further at degree level (including Oxbridge). Former students have gone on to pursue careers in law, publishing, journalism, accountancy, the navy, medicine, drama, the civil service, construction, archaeology and education including history teaching.

History is a broad subject that allows you to develop your analysis of historical sources and essay writing skills with greater depth and precision. You will read more widely, enlarging your vocabulary to help form coherent and well-reasoned arguments. Class discussions and debates are integral to our lessons as we are interested in your thoughts and ideas about historical controversies. Our teaching of the subject will involve group work, personal study, role play, quizzes, timed essays, videos, source analysis, podcasts, presentations and an opportunity to attend conferences and visits to historical sights. We currently run trips for our medievalists to either the Loire Valley or Normandy; and for modern students we visit Russia, exploring the key cities of St. Petersburg and Moscow.

The department also offers enrichment opportunities to study topics as diverse as Ancient Greece and Rome, the Vikings, Archaeology, the Tudors, the English Civil War, as well as visiting Auschwitz as part of the Holocaust Trust programme. We are keen to broaden your historical horizons to make the subject interesting and relevant to your lives.