A Level Law

Why Study This Subject?

Law plays a vital role in society. It provides a means to recognise rights and duties, solve problems and resolve disputes without resorting to violence. A Level Law encourages you to develop the skills necessary to analyse and solve problems by applying rules and to develop the ability to communicate arguments and conclusions clearly and succinctly. It will help you substantiate arguments and develop an enquiring and critical mind. As such, Law provides an excellent background for university and careers not only in law, but also in journalism, local and central government, public relations, teaching, and a range of management and business areas.

It is unlikely that you will have studied Law before as few schools offer the subject at GCSE. However, the course is designed to remove any feelings of uncertainty and confusion that may arise from taking a new subject. Law is taught by five teachers with Law degrees, in a well-resourced subject base.

Law links particularly well with English, Politics, History, Business Studies, Sociology and Psychology. However, through Law’s literate and logical aspects, it complements virtually any subject.

We hope to enrich your study by offering a range of trips and visitors, including:

  • Visits to local courts
  • Undertake workshops led by visiting speakers from a range of legal professions and/or academia;
  • The opportunity to attend conferences around the country.

The department will provide help with the national admission test to read law at certain universities. We typically place over 50 students with local law firms and barrister’s chambers as part of work shadowing week. The department has an oversubscribed Law Society; an enhancement programme developed with the Law Faculty at Huddersfield University and we successfully participate in the annual National Bar Mock Trial Competition.

What our students think about Law:

I chose to study Law because I was interested in something new and different.


I really enjoy Law, I find it interesting and it has helped me decide what I want to do in the future.


Law is insightful. It applies to everyday life.


I like the subject a lot. The lessons are fun.


How acceptable is A level Law to those who want to take a degree in law?

We feel that you would be well advised to study Law at A Level to get a useful insight of the subject before committing yourself to three or four years of intensive (and expensive) study at degree level. Former Greenhead students come back from their first term at university saying how glad they were to have done A Level Law as an introduction to the subject. A Level Law is regarded as equal to other A Levels by OFQUAL, the examining boards and virtually all universities, even the most highly selective ones. Each year, around a quarter of our students are admitted to the elite Russell Group universities. It is not true today that if you want to apply for a Law degree, universities would prefer you not to have taken A Level Law. What even the most competitive universities want is three good grades at A Level in at least two traditional academic subjects.