A Levels in Modern Languages

We offer A Levels in French, German and Spanish. 

Why study these subjects?

  • You enjoy communicating with others
  • You want to learn more about other cultures, including films, TV and literature
  • You would like to work abroad
  • You wish to increase your employability: language specialists usually get preference over other candidates of identical ability who don’t have a language
  • You want to take part in a foreign trip: the department organises trips to France, Germany and Spain
  • You intend to take a year out before going to university and do some volunteer work in a foreign country Scientists, medics and engineers need languages: they travel and work throughout the world
  • Whatever you decide to do as a career, it is highly likely that you will one day find yourself working for a multinational company or for a firm with connections abroad: in France, Canada, Germany, Spain, Latin America and even Africa
  • Having knowledge of a foreign country and its culture, will enable you to interact effectively abroad. This is a skill that prospective employers are actively looking for
  • The demand by companies for executives, management, scientists and sales people to be multilingual is ever increasing
  • Employers say they want people with skills such as engineering, law, chemistry etc who can also speak a foreign language
  • Numerous universities offer combined courses, which means you can study two subjects: your foreign language and a completely different subject, such as Engineering, History, etc

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