A Level Music Technology

Why study this subject?

Music Technology is a diverse subject area offering students the opportunity to develop skills in composition, production, sequencing and recording. Students have access to 35 iMac workstations across two well equipped Mac suites, supporting Logic Pro and Ableton Live. They will also have access to the recording studio and two separate post-production spaces.

On the course, you will develop your skills in composition, production, sequencing and recording, along with improving your IT skills, your communication skills, your attention to musical detail and your ability to create and generate musical ideas.

The course is varied and gives a thorough grounding in music production, technology-based music and acoustics. You will produce two pieces of non-examined assessment work. The first piece of work is a recording, for which you will choose a song, plan recording sessions, set up microphones, record performers and then spend time mixing and producing in class. The second is a technology-based composition, where you will blend synthesis, sampling and creative effects with the musical elements to produce a 3 minute piece of work. Alongside your practical work, you will study a variety of theoretical topics, from capture of sound to acoustics, and from effects and processing to mastering. These will be assessed via two exam papers in the summer of Year 13; assessing your listening, analysing and producing skills.

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