A Level Physics

Why study this subject?

Physics is a stimulating and challenging subject which our students find very interesting and rewarding. If you study it, you will start to have a better understanding of the universe around you, including the behaviour of atoms and sub-atomic particles such as quarks. You will also understand the principles of physics involved in many of the technological devices used in our lives.

A Level Physics is an important qualification for many careers. A number of our students go on to do a Physics or Physics-related degree such as Engineering or Electronics which may lead to a career in research and development at university or in industry. A Level Physics is essential for these subjects, as is A Level Mathematics. There are other degrees where Physics is useful but not essential such as Medicine or Chemistry. However, even if you choose a career which does not need Physics A Level, the qualification is very highly regarded by universities and employers because you will develop valuable mathematical and problem solving skills on the A Level course.

At Greenhead we have six experienced and well qualified teachers who have proven examination success. Students give us high marks for the quality of teaching and for the quality of support that we offer to them. We are very keen to help students with difficulties! Students here have the opportunity to do many extension activities such as Engineering Projects, Further Physics classes or visits to universities for masterclasses.

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