A Level Psychology

Why study this subject?

Psychology is the scientific study of mind and behaviour, applied to both humans and animals.

As Psychology considers the many varied factors that affect mind and behaviour it is a biological science, a cognitive science and a social science. Psychologists research brain structure and function, mental processes, such as memory, thinking and reasoning, and also social factors such as how other people influence us. This means that it is the ideal bridging subject between arts and sciences.

The scientific and statistical elements of the subject mean it complements the study of Mathematics and the natural sciences, whereas the requirement to write essays and adopt an analytical and evaluative approach appeals to humanities students. Psychology therefore develops a range of skills suitable for further academic study in almost any subject and is highly regarded by universities.

It is particularly useful for health related degree courses and any professions which involve working closely with people – a number of medical schools actively encourage students to choose Psychology as their third A Level.

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