Doing the business in New Zealand

Greenhead College alumni, Paul Thornton recently came into college to talk to our A1 and A2 Business students about his experiences starting a Digital Marketing business in New Zealand.  Paul’s company Digital Hothouse provide search engine optimisation and use Google Adwords to generate sales for clients, putting them high up in any Google search to generate consumer interest.  A really interesting and insightful session for our future entrepreneurs! Paul was taught 20 years ago by Mark Mitchell and also employed alumni Gavin Hirst, from the same class,, to work for his Auckland business.
Student comments included:

‘It is fascinating to see the opportunities technology firms from Europe have in New Zealand, as UK firms are around 4 years ahead in technological terms opening up more business opportunities for a digitally focused company’.

‘I learnt how important word-of-mouth promotion was when dealing with business clients as they are more likely to use a recommended firm’.

Visit Digital Hothouse’s website here: