Dr Samuel Gartland

Tutor in Classics and Ancient History at Oxford University        

Class of: 2003

Sam attended Greenhead College from 2001-2001 where he studied A Levels in History, English, Politics and Geology and went on to study History at Oxford University.

Following postgraduate study, Sam now works at Oxford University as a tutor in Classics and Ancient History. He spends much of his time discussing Greek history, literature and archaeology with undergraduates, as well as writing book and articles on Ancient Greece. He often works in Greece to study the physical remains of the ancient world.

Sam comments on his time at Greenhead:

Without coming to Greenhead for my sixth-form studies, I would never have thought of applying to Oxford (which I had only heard of from the Boat Race on television) and wouldn’t have had a hope of getting in without the fantastic teaching and encouraging academic environment of the college. More widely, Greenhead provided a friendly and welcoming place to spend two years, with the freedom to meet a wide range of new people and to develop friendships and interests which endure to this day.