Greenhead College launches Higher Education Extension 2024

The first of 5 twilight academic sessions for the Higher Education Extension Scheme took place at Greenhead College last Tuesday 9th January.

As a hub for the scheme, we were delighted to host the event which welcomed students from Greenhead College as well as other schools/colleges in Kirklees and Calderdale.

The Higher Education Extension is a collaborative programme between Cambridge University and various Colleges across the UK with the aim of building subject specific knowledge on a topic that isn’t on the A Level syllabus, widening their knowledge, building confidence in their own abilities, raising aspirations and helping develop skills necessary for undergraduate study.

15 different subject talks were delivered by Greenhead College staff and Leeds University in a range of disciplines including Architecture, Biology/Medicine, Business & Leadership, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, English, Geography & Environmental, History, Law, Maths, Modern Foreign Languages, Physics/Engineering, Politics and Psychology.

The next event will take place on Tuesday 6 February.