A Level Mathematics

What is Mathematics?

  • Is it seeking out patterns, and using them to formulate and prove new conjectures?
  • Is it finding connections between related concepts, such as algebra and graphs?
  • Is it about providing useful models of real world phenomena, which can then be used to provide insight or make predictions about nature?
  • Is it a human activity which is part of everyone’s life?

Mathematics is all these things and more, which is why it is such a valuable course at A Level. Applicants interested in Maths may also be interested in Further MathsStatistics or Core Maths.

Why Study This Subject?

Mathematics is a fascinating subject which is of great importance in its own right. It also has wide-ranging applications in industry, business, finance, science, technology and many other subjects. Maths qualifications can help you towards a future career in all of these areas. It is also vital for many university courses particularly those in science, computing and economics.

Studying Mathematics will help you to develop crucial skills which are highly valued by universities and employers, such as the ability to think logically, solve problems and communicate complex ideas effectively.

What is A Level Mathematics?

You will have taken Mathematics at GCSE level, studying number, algebra, geometry, statistics and probability.

At A Level, we will take all of these topics to the next stage, and introduce many interesting and important new concepts.

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