Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

Enrichment: Extended Project Qualification (EPQ)

The EPQ gives you the opportunity to learn in a way which is very different from other A Level subjects; you will be meeting and consulting with your project supervisor, rather than being taught. The role of your supervisor is to guide, advise and listen – they will be there to support you every step of the way.

Why Study this Subject?

The EPQ offers you an opportunity to develop essential skills for higher education and the workplace, in a subject area of your own choice. It is an independent study which gives you control of your planning, time management, research and the production of your project. You can explore an interest arising from your A Level subjects, or a topic for which you have a personal passion. This level of choice and flexibility means you are engaged and motivated, and you will gain valuable research, project management and communication skills along the way.

How will you be Assessed?

You will be assessed on how well you identify and use resources, carry out your research, develop your ideas to realise an outcome and then reflect on the outcome and the process – all these skills are what universities are looking for, and there is a growing number of universities who either accept EPQ as part of a points score or in some cases will allow for a lower grade in one A Level if you achieve a higher grade for your EPQ.

Greenhead students have been very successful with their projects, so we are pleased to be leading the way on this exciting qualification.

What previous students have said about EPQ…

They have been able to apply skills learnt on this course in their other A Level studies (e.g. research skills, referencing, essay writing skills), which has contributed to raising their overall achievement at A Level.

Discussion of their EPQ has been the main topic at university interviews and there are a growing number of universities that have allowed an EPQ grade to count towards an entry points score or as part of their grade offer – for example offering a student ABB OR ABC if they get a B grade at EPQ.

They have become more confident and more independent learners as a consequence of studying for their EPQ.

Entry Guidelines

The EPQ is offered to students in their second year of A Level study. There is no entry requirement in terms of grades, but to be successful on this course you MUST be prepared to work independently. Enthusiasm, self-motivation and a passion for your chosen topic are essential.