10 students awarded medals in the 2018 British Biology Olympiad

10 Greenhead College students entered the prestigious 2018 British Biology Olympiad. This year 7818 students from across the UK took part in the exam, which challenges Britain’s most talented students beyond A Level knowledge.

Fantastically, all 10 students were awarded, which is a huge achievement as most participants are not awarded anything.

Gold medals were awarded to Sam Ross, Waleed Zahid, Leah OConnell and Olivia Wilkinson. Charlotte Ives, Lauren Fretwell, Rachel Bolland, Caroline McDowell and George Baldry were all awarded Silver medals, and Hemanshu Monga was highly commended.

A special mention goes to Sam Ross, who was selected to participate in the second round of the competition placing him in the top 125 students of all 7818.

A huge congratulations to all our students that took part for their fantastic achievements!