MoodMaster Programme

The MoodMaster Programme is an upbeat practical approach to physical and emotional wellbeing. It can provide a greater insight for those who might be struggling with skills
to improve wellbeing such as developing friendships, how to solve problems, how to manage emotions and many more. The materials are written by the Association for Psychological Therapies (APT) and are designed to bring the most relevant and effective information direct to the student.

The MoodMaster Programme is special to Greenhead because the programme offers research-based sessions that are selected to improve skills that centre on the issues we know our students are facing. It instils the importance of taking care of your mental health wellbeing, and has given our students the opportunity to learn more about themselves and their mental health, within a safe and positive space.

2 members of staff at Greenhead College are fully qualified and licenced MoodMaster Instructors. The programme provides an alternative strand of support that compliments existing services and pastoral support in College.

A selection of MoodMaster courses will be on offer for students to sign up to throughout the academic year. The sessions within each course, are delivered in small, informal groups where there is mutual respect for all.

Examples of courses on offer

Building Emotional Resilience

Managing Anxiety, Stress & Worry

Understanding Panic

Overcoming Low Mood

Why Am I Irritated?

Quotes from the Instructors

Claire Berry and Martha Fewster

Claire Berry the Additional Learning Support Manager:

“The current pandemic has undoubtedly increased anxiety amongst students and many are struggling to access external face to face to support. Being able to provide the MoodMaster programme, along with the college counselling service, has enabled students to address their needs in a supportive familiar environment. MoodMaster sessions are selected to improve skills that centre around the importance of gaining insight and taking care of your mental health and wellbeing.”

Martha Fewster:

 “It is fantastic to see student confidence grow in MoodMaster. Everyone who attends MoodMaster has a common desire to improve their mental health and wellbeing. Students are able to share and contribute in the group discussions, and gain peer support from one another. The programme helps students develop new approaches to help deal with situations that might cause them worry, stress or bring their mood down, and encourages the active practice of these approaches. MoodMaster sessions help support students create positive changes and develop new positive outlooks.”

Benefits of attending MoodMaster

  • Improve mental well-being

  • Enhance self-insight

  • Reduce feelings of stress and anxiety 

  • Decrease emotional reactiveness

  • Develop a tool kit on managing mental wellbeing

  • Gain peer support

  • Reduce social isolation

Student feedback

“I have really enjoyed the Mood Master ‘Building Emotional Resilience’ Programme.  I signed up as I wanted to learn more strategies about how to cope in situations that make me anxious or that I particularly struggle with. I have really benefited with being able to share what I have been through, and am going through, with people and knowing that they can relate to me.  Both Martha, the Mood Master leader, and those in my group were supportive and caring, and I never felt judged even when I shared some of my ‘smallest’ worries and some that could have been viewed as ‘irrational’.  The Mood Master sessions are easy to follow and each week you explore a new topic, which has led to me learning a range of things about myself that I have never considered and allowed me to reflect on different areas of my life.  I would highly recommend the course to someone who is struggling with their mental health and wants strategies to help it improve, in a safe environment.  I was particularly worried about the idea of it being within in a group, but it means that you can share ideas and learn from each other.  If you are considering Mood Masters, please give it a go and prioritise your own mental health – I am so pleased I did!”

“I previously joined the Building Emotional Resilience and Understanding Panic MoodMaster courses. I have found MoodMaster welcoming each time and really helpful. I like how it is structured and how I can go at my own pace. I have learnt new and helpful strategies to help with stressful situations, which have really changed my outlook on situations. I feel more positive in myself.”

“MoodMaster has been a big help to me since starting at Greenhead. It has helped me so much in understanding how and why I’m feeling like I am. It is very supportive and is a wonderful calm environment.”

“I have attended two MoodMaster courses and I have found them extremely useful. I especially loved the weekly observation sheet as I feel like it really helps me target things that I need to change and things I need to do more often. I love the discussions that we have as it helps me gain another perspective on issues and I know that I am not alone.”

“I find the MoodMaster course really helpful in helping me to understand my mental health, emotions and why I react to things the way I do. In particular, I find it really helpful being in a small group knowing that other people in college were also going through similar things to me and that I wasn’t by myself.”

“It’s lovely to be involved with MoodMaster – it’s really changed my outlook on things and actually made me stress out less! It’s strange what a small session can do so thank you.”

“It’s helped me to reflect on my week and look at things that have gone well rather than just focusing on the negatives.”

“During my time in the programme, I have learnt new strategies and ways to deal with worry and panic.”

“I have found the MoodMaster programme really helpful, I have benefitted from it so much! I enjoyed the content and learnt useful techniques to help with my anxiety, so I would definitely recommend this course.”

How to sign up

Students can sign up to MoodMaster courses and sessions via the MoodMaster Moodle page.