6 Students Grab the Gold at the British Chemistry Olympiad

This year, 11 students took part in the Chemistry Olympiad, the UK’s leading Chemistry competition run by the Royal Society of Chemistry.

The competition involved a 2 hour written test of the student’s chemical knowledge, based on real-world chemistry problems. It is a fantastic opportunity for student’s to develop some of the skills required at University and beyond.

6 students achieved the Gold Award, placing them in the top 10% of entries, 2 students achieved a Silver Award, 2 a Bronze Award and 1 award for participation.

This is an outstanding achievement for our budding Chemists and one they should all be extremely proud of.

Student Benji Rowlands did so well in the competition he was placed in the top 28 nationally and sailed through to the second round at Cambridge University to compete in a selection process for the International Finals. There will be updates on Benji’s progress very soon!

The full list of students who participated:

Gold Award: Benji Rowlands, Will Heeley, Joe Healey, Liz Torley, Alex Smith, Abigail Williams

Silver Award: Oliver Jones, Troy Moxon

Bronze Award: Chloe Haigh, Yusef Zaman

Participation Award: Heather Malcom.