BACES Wellbeing Weekly Round up – Week 5

Monday – Body Care

Screen Brightness

Adjust your device’s screen brightness settings so you’re not straining your eyes. Light filters are built into most devices, or you can download apps for your device. For more information check out the BACES link page on Moodle.

Tuesday – Achievement

Study Bunny

No motivation to study? Meet your Study Bunny! Try this motivational productive study timer to help you stay focused. Time your study with the timer, hit pause when you can’t stay focused for motivational advice. View your study stats in the study tracker by month or by week. Study to earn coins. Buy items or music in the store for your bunny with your coins. Be productive. Use optional tools like the To Do list, flash cards and Honesty Mode.

Wednesday – Connect with Others

Todays task: Send a funny picture to a friend. Why? Because people who feel more connected to others have lower rates of anxiety and depression. Connecting with others makes us smile, and produces feel good chemicals in the brain. It reduces isolation and we may also receive something funny in return!

Thursday – Enjoyment

A Doodle a day

A lot of learning in college requires specific higher level thinking skills but how many of us engage our visual brain on a regular basis? Why not challenge yourself to ‘A Doodle A Day’. Dust down those pencils, find yourself a notebook and have go. It’s not about the end product but a great way to relax and switch off with a form of proactive daydreaming. Click here for the ‘A doodle a day’ challenge. 

Friday – Step Back

5-4-3-2-1 Coping Technique for Anxiety

Anxiety is something most of us have experienced at least once in our life. This five-step exercise can be helpful during periods of anxiety or panic by helping to ground you in the present when your mind is bouncing around between various anxious thoughts. Once you find your breath, go through the following steps to help ground yourself: 

5: Acknowledge FIVE things you see around you

4: Acknowledge FOUR things you can touch around you

3: Acknowledge THREE things you can hear

2: Acknowledge TWO things you can smell

1: Acknowledge ONE thing you can taste