Business is Magic

Former Greenhead College student Richard Burhouse, CEO and founder of Magic Rock Brewery in Huddersfield recently visited college to outline his business strategy to A Level Business students.

Richard with some of the A Level business studies students who attended and Mike Pickerden (Business teacher)

Magic Rock Brewery’s success has gone from strength to strength with the beer becoming so popular via social media and beer rating websites that it has become an internationally renowned brand, with kegs being sent out to pubs across the UK and the world. Business expansion now involves a supermarket deal which will maximise the capacity utilisation of Richard’s state of the art canning facility.

Richard’s visit was a fantastic opportunity for our students to gain a real awareness of the theory of organic business growth and global business expansion including ethnocentric marketing strategy.

Teacher of business studies, Mike Pickerden commented:

“Magic Rock is an excellent example of how an entrepreneur can spot a growth area in a market, in this case craft beer, and capitalise on this with a high quality product and strong branding.”

(Mark Mitchell (Assistant Principal) and Mike Pickerden (Business teacher) with Richard Burhouse CEO of Magic Rock Brewery)

A huge thank you to Richard for taking the time to talk to our students, it was particularly inspiring for them to hear from such a successful entrepreneur who was once sat in the same position as them.