Congratulations to 8 students awarded in the British Biology Olympiad

L-R: Ahmad Shahzad, Mia Cossey, Archita Jain, Lola Gladwin, Haniah Areej, Solomon Ambler-Danyluk and Anuraag Phadke

8 students from Greenhead College have achieved awards in the British Biology Olympiad, a national competition for budding biologists to challenge themselves and extend their knowledge beyond the A Level curriculum.

Gold medals were awarded to Darshana Marathe and Solomon Ambler-Danyluk who placed within the top few percent in the UK.

Silver medals were awarded to Lola Gladwin and Anuraag Phadke. Haniah Areej received a bronze award, Ahmad Shahzad and Mia Cossey were highly commended and Archita Jain was commended.

A huge congratulations to all 8 participants who have showcased tremendous talent.