Dr Jack Blackburn PhD, MRSC

Organo-analytical Research Scientist, University of Huddersfield.

Class of: 2002

Jack attended Greenhead College between 2000-2002 studying A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology, winning the 2002 Miss Patch Award.

Following A-level study, Jack attended the University of York and later the University of Huddersfield, graduating with a 1st Class BSc(hons) degree in chemistry. Following a successful degree program, Jack was offered a university research scholarship in organic chemistry through the prestigious Leverhulme Trust, under the supervision of Dr Wesley. J. Moran and Dr Karl Hemming. Jack’s research focused primarily on the development of novel anti-cancer agents, for which Jack was awarded his PhD following acknowledgement of his research from the Royal Society of Chemistry.

Following his PhD study, Jack took up his current position at the University of Huddersfield. Specialising in mass spectrometry, Jack’s work focuses on developing global capabilities in organic-analytical chemistry. He has made and continues to make internationally recognised scientific contributions to medicinal chemistry, environmental chemistry, microbiology, materials science and archaeology.

Commenting on his time at Greenhead College, Jack said:

Prior to attending Greenhead College, I was shy and desperately short with confidence. I look back on my time at Greenhead College with great affection and can only describe it as life-changing! I would consider my experience at Greenhead College to be the single greatest positive influence on both my educational and personal development. As such, I salute Greenhead College in every single professional achievement I make.