Hooked on Books: Natives – Akala (reviewed by A2 student Zahrah)

As part of the enrichment programme ‘Hooked on Books’, students from Greenhead College review various books throughout the year and would love to share their reviews with you. 

This Q&A style review is of the book ‘Natives’ by Akala and was written by A2 student Zahrah. 


hooked on books - natives.jpgWhat inspired you to choose this book to review?

It’s so relevant, and I was watching a TV show and Akala was a guest on it, and he was so well spoken, and seemed well educated on the issue of race relations and politics in Britain today. So I thought it was really thought provoking.

Why do you think this book will appeal to students in college?

I think it’s because as students, and the new generation, we’re growing up in a very heavy globalised world. This is really reflective on the state of how our communities interact in Britain, and black history in Britain is something that’s been washed over. I think its highlighting how much we have in common, and trying to improve social cohesion.

Did you learn anything from the book?

I always thought that black history had its roots in the civil rights movement in America, and I didn’t realise how close to home the violence to black people was. It was quite humbling to think about how as a young Asian woman in Britain today I’ve faced some adversities related to my race, and it was so much worse 30 years ago, and it institutionalised racism in Britain. 

How did you find out about the book?

He mentioned it on the TV show. I was also in a bookshop and I remembered that he published the book, so I asked when it would be available to buy, and when the date arrived I went out and purchased the book.