Tuition Catch up

Greenhead College Tuition Catch up


Throughout the course of lockdown and the easing of Covid restrictions, Greenhead College students have been largely taught via online classes and tuition periods. Through no fault of their own this has resulted in many students falling behind in their studies which in turn has resulted in anxiety about meeting course requirements. Students identified by subject departments, tutors, the Additional Learner Support department and counsellors can be helped in various ways but involving additional tuition in a small group of between 5- 7 students and through one-one tuition.

Students have been identified as needing extra tuition via tutor one to ones, by class teachers and Heads of Departments via reference to end of year assessments, homework, course work and work in classes. Students identified as needing additional tuition include all ability students as it is felt that some high performing students may also not be reaching their potential in the current climate. Students from an economically disadvantaged background will be identified by tutors where it is known that progress through lockdown has faltered.

Catch up tuition will take place in a variety of formats;

  • Catching up on / reiterating the course work that took place online during lockdown. This could help students catch up who have had limited I.T. resources during lockdown and as a result have fallen behind in their subjects or who have not felt able to ask questions during on line sessions.
  • Catch up for A1 students in English and Maths who are identified as getting a low GCSE grade (grade 4 or 5) and need additional tuition to help with their A Level courses.
  • To help close the gap between GCSE and A Level courses. Many students progressing to A Level courses may not have received teaching of a full GCSE syllabus and lack some knowledge and skills required for A Level. Catch up tuition in small groups will help address this issue.
  • Helping with exam techniques as the majority of students will never have sat an exam and many will have anxiety about sitting them
  • Helping students who have English as a second language (20 in College) and have lacked contact with English speaking individuals during lockdown
  • Helping students with an EHCP or with SEND who have lacked guidance during lockdown and who need help adjusting back to College life and to being back in classes learning again. Additional tuition may also involve giving help preparing SEND students to life beyond College
  • Help with study skills from tutors and teachers which will feed into a student’s range of courses in College
  • Specialist “Moodmaster” sessions in small groups which can help students in many aspects of learning in particular those who lack confidence or who need specific help with their learning skills.

Small catch up groups will be held by twenty subject areas, tutors, the ALS team and counsellors throughout the course of 2021-22. Progress will be monitored by catch up tutors, fed back to tutors and classroom teachers and documented to make staff aware of the sessions being undertaken by students and the progress being made.