GVS students helping at the Christmas party

Enrichment - Greenhead Volunteering Scheme

Are you someone who gains satisfaction from helping others? If so, you should sign up for our Greenhead Volunteering Scheme (GVS).

It's an excellent opportunity to make a difference in the community, whilst gaining vital experience. It also fulfils the requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme. The scheme runs from September until Easter, generally on a Wednesday afternoon, but you can fit it around your studies on any other day, evenings or weekends.

When recruiting, a number of career areas look specifically for the type of people who are selflessly and generously willing to help others. Medicine, physiotherapy, nursing and primary teaching particularly require evidence of the exact amount of voluntary service hours you have completed.

You may wish to participate in GVS in order to fulfil your enrichment requirement and enhance your CV, whilst making a contribution to the community. You are encouraged to find your own voluntary work as soon as possible, preferably before the start of term in September as the College has limited organised opportunities.

Help is always needed in primary, secondary and special needs schools. Volunteers are welcome at local hospitals, hospices and residential homes and centres for the elderly, however these can take a while to organise, so you are advised to get in touch as soon as possible.

Charity shops and Christian African Relief Trust are always on the lookout for help. Brownies, Cubs etc, youth clubs, and coaching of any local sports teams also count towards your volunteering.

If you think it’s for you, and you are interested in any of the areas listed above, make a start now! Contact the organisations directly, and they will probably want to see you for a chat. Think beforehand, about what you want to know from them, what they are likely to ask you, skills and experience you can offer and how much time you can commit.

For ideas, check out the websites www.volunteeringkirklees.org.uk www.do-it.org www.vinspired.com

There are a number of opportunities that college organise:

Whatever you choose to help in, if you achieve 40 hours or more of voluntary work, you will gain the Greenhead Volunteering Scheme Certificate at the end of the year.

If you are already involved in voluntary work, please let us know so you can gain the benefits of being part of GVS.

If you know of any areas within the community that would benefit from some help from our students, please contact: cbarnes@greenhead.ac.uk