Chris Bolton at Rowlands Pharmacy

Projects and Workshadowing (PaWS)


One of the highlights of the college year is the PaWS week held in June. Students have the opportunity to participate in either a wide range of projects, designed for both enjoyment and for academic and personal development, or to spend a week shadowing and working with professionals in their possible future career areas.

Greenhead College operates one of the most extensive work placement schemes in the country. In 2016, over 700 students gained first-hand experience of the world of work across the UK and abroad. Students may organise their own placements, or we have a wide range of placements for which students can apply. Many students’ career paths have been decided on the strength of their work placement experience.

Clementine Crowther &  Mayor 2013

Comments from some of last year’s work placement students:

“My placement has helped me to develop confidence and social skills in a professional environment and allowed me to gain hands on experience in a chemical factory.”
Bethany, Stepan UK

“I found the experience of PaWS week beneficial in helping me understand the demands of a working week, as it was a long day and the travelling was quite tiring. I had a very enjoyable experience of working in an area that interests me and that I would now like to pursue at university.”
Georgia, SWECO

“The placement exceeded my expectations and every single member of staff I came into contact with was welcoming, friendly and very professional. The placement confirmed that I would like to pursue a medical career as a doctor or surgeon as it gave a real flavour of the hospital environment and the responsibilities you have for yourself and your patients.”
Makinah, Dewsbury Hospital

“Although nervous about the placement, the pre-meeting was extremely helpful and I felt much more confident after meeting the really helpful and friendly staff and looked forward to going. The work was much more varied than I thought and I enjoyed the whole week and the challenges it brought, including travel!”
Charlotte, Wakefield Council Finance & Accountancy

“I found the placement very rewarding and I would recommend it to other students who are considering dentistry to undertake a placement as it gives you early insight into the realities of the work and a chance to learn more about the profession.”
Zaiyan, A.D. Hewett & Associates

“The placement has been both beneficial and insightful and provided me with confirmation that business management is my chosen career path.”
Olivia, Marks and Spencer

“The placement has confirmed that I would like a career focussing around something history related, like a museum.”
Cameron, National Coal Mining Museum

“The placement has provided a valuable insight and assured me that physiotherapy is definitely a career I want to pursue.”
James, Spire Hospital


Nearly 500 of our students participated in over 50 different projects in 2016. Projects included workshops led by external experts and our own staff and covered a variety of topics including management and finance, media, engineering, science, team building, law, music, sport, history, webpage design and creative textiles. Some projects resulted in students gaining nationally recognised qualifications such as Football Coaching, Emergency First Aid and Deaf Awareness & Signing.

Comments from some of last year’s project students:

“I feel it has been a highly beneficial experience which has allowed me to see a new perspective to the world of business and education.” (Apprentice Challenge)

“Overall my confidence in my ability to formulate and present arguments has been significantly enhanced by this experience.” (Law Mock Trial)

“The project gave me a sense of pride when I managed to cycle up some challenging climbs.” (Coast to Coast Challenge)

“This was a really helpful project for politics as it shows how judgements and decisions are made.” (Ethical Questions)

“I found the RAF project really enjoyable and made some new friends because of it.” (Personal Development)

“Putting my knowledge of Astronomy into practice with a professional in the same room as me was an experience I will never forget. I strongly recommend these masterclasses to anyone who is passionate in this subject.” (Physics Masterclass)

“… the cooking skills that I have gained from this experience will help me at university and in the future when I am cooking for myself. I thought that this project was well planned and structured and was very enjoyable” (Cook It, Eat It)

“I believe that the Maths Magic course has helped expand my knowledge throughout many areas of maths, especially in terms of explaining and interpreting algebraic formula” (Maths Magic)

“It was interesting to hear other people’s views on topics such as fracking, tuition fees and voting. As a young person I feel it’s important to understand these issues and this project helped me to do that.” (Sociology Workshops & Visits)